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DIRETIK | Overweight Detox & Water Retention

DIRETIK | Overweight Detox & Water Retention

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• Easy and practical (powder sachet).
• Excellent taste: berry flavor
• Manage fluid retention without altering electrolytes balance due its
demineralizing effect (nettle and artichoke).
• Suitable for people with thyroid problems (no seaweed)

Active Ingredients:
Per 1 stick:
• Corn Horse-tail D.E
• Asparagus D.E.
• Orthosiphon or Java Tea
• Bitter Orange tree D.E.
• Common nettle D.E.
• Artichoke D.E.

Dissolve a stick pack in a glass of water (200 ml) or in
a bottle of water (0,5 L). The first week take 2 stick
packs, one in the morning and another at midday.
Afterwards, take only 1 stick pack in the morning.

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