Message from the CEO: 

I have always believed that leaving an impact is the primary goal of any business - generating revenues is an automatic consequence. Through Vita Health, which became vie-health, a company I founded in 2012, not only we created a positive social impact, but our team was a major contributor to changing the lifestyle of Lebanese society. We leveraged the wave of health orientation and brought a top-of-the-line diversified portfolio of supplements, infusions, and organic products. Via these prestigious products, we penetrated the market and became synonymous with a healthy lifestyle. Our effective digital media presence aims at cementing our mission and having a broader outreach and influence in the lives of people. We decided to expand and widen our presence, and due to that, we've witnessed rapid growth in the region through multiple brands as Nova diet amidst many others. Being a prestigious, credible, and the internationally accredited brand has helped us create a success story in Lebanon. Vie-Health is known to be very selective in the choice of its products, studying the market, consumer preferences, and new trends. With our marketing and sales efforts, we were able to do this expansion. Vie Health includes a wider array of products from several brands. Our strategy entails expanding locally and internationally while providing the necessary support for our stakeholders, pioneering in the choice of our products, and leading in raising awareness on all health and beauty-related matters.