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Colamag is created in a powder format, designed to be dissolved
with water or a natural drink.
•It contains 5000 mg of marine hydrolyzed collagen
•It provides 187.5 mg of magnesium oxide
•It has 40 mg of vitamin C
•It contains 30 mg of hyaluronic acid


• It is a supplement with a %100 natural formula
• It provides good amounts of vitamin C- optimal amounts of marine collagen,
which has benefits that stimulates the production of internal collagen and at the
same time, it improves its effectiveness
• It improves joint and bone health- mobility and flexibility of the articular system
• It promotes the improvement of skin health
• It helps keep tissues hydrated
• It improves and maintains the proper functioning of the muscles
• It helps keep teeth healthy and in good condition
• It is perfect to treat and prevent osteoarthritis and minimizes the symptoms of
• It increases the strength of tendons and ligaments
• It promotes lubrication of the joints

pour the content of 1 measuring scoop into a glass of water and stir until
completely dissolved. 



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